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"Milly, Tilly and Grace are fantastic. They have been invaluable for our primary industries students who weigh them every week and do health checks. They are pretty much trained now to walk and stand on the scales when asked. They have put on weight, but look great. They come at feed time for classes and will let the farm hand feed them by hand. We are still waiting for our halters, Xmas rush at the saddlery, but we will begin in the holidays without kids, ready for when they get back. Stud papers came through, we were so happy, thankyou for your help with that.

All in all, we are very happy with our purchase thankyou, we really appreciate it."

Samantha Jarrett, DET, NSW - December 2015

"Thank you for everything that you have so generously done for our school, our teachers and our kids. Your generosity has opened doors of opportunity that we never thought possible. Currently we are more than a little challenged by the need to find a replacement for our wonderful Sheree Bourke who has created an amazing legacy which is hard to replicate. Hopefully we will soon be back in full swing with a new teacher as capable, committed and enthused as she has always been.

Your support is of enormous value and I wanted to share my appreciation with you directly."

Edith McNally, Principal Menai High School - March 2015

"The ongoing service and advice I have received from Jeff Sutton has been exceptional. Jeff takes a keen interest with all his clients and has always been very friendly and flexible with his time.

I have purchased both rams and ewes from Wattle farm over the past years and they have all shown excellent strength, conformation, soundness and carcass quality. The past two joining’s have shown 100% joining rate coupled with easy lambing and great lamb survival.

Jeff provides a wonderful service and I look forward to continue working with him in the future."

Sarah Heffernan, Burnt Creek Border Leicester Stud, Junee 2015

/edit/Images/PICTURE_006.JPG/edit/Images/2011 SYDNEY ROYAL SHOW 640 RET.JPGIn 2005, the Sutton family of Wattle Farm, Temora, approached me about starting a border leicester stud, based on Cadell bloodlines.

The Suttons established their new stud with the purchase of approximately 200 mixed age Cadell ewes and 4 stud rams. Since then, Wattle Farm has added more Cadell ewes as well as top quality sires from Cadell’s annual sale.

In an attempt to be noticed, the family has embraced a vigorous showing programme.  This has included attending eleven country shows in southern NSW as well as the major shows such as
Royal Canberra, Royal Sydney, NSW Sheep Show at Dubbo,
Australian Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo and Royal Melbourne.

Mr Barry Harper - Cadell Stud

"Being a school teacher and starting a Border Leicester stud, a breed I had never worked with before, I have found Jeff Sutton has not only supplied the school with  high quality genetics, but has passed on a wealth of knowledge about Border Leicesters.

Jeff has been extremely flexible with his time and is always willing to assist in any way possible. If you ever need support or a question answered, he is more than willing to help.
His genetics provide a good length animal with excellent height in the frame and depth in the body. His bloodlines provide subtle variations of Border Leicester characteristics.
So whether you are looking for a long stretchy Border Leicester ram with top carcase characteristics for your 1st cross ewe system, or looking to add a well balanced ewe or ram to your Border Leicester lines, there is an animal at Wattle Farm to suit your needs."

Paul Anderson - Junee High School

"I have been very happy with our Border Rams purchased from Wattle Farm, we have had a good autumn lambing with high numbers now on the ground."

Barry Clemson (Burcher)

"I purchased 1st cross ewes and wanted to say how happy I am with them. They are without a doubt the best bunch that I bought out of 2500 ewes.
I very much look forward to hearing from you when you have another crop of 1st cross ewes for sale, I'm very keen to have that quality that your breeding."

Blake Freeman

"We first met Jeff Sutton in 2011 due to our interest in breeding Border Leicester sheep.  We found Jeff to be open, friendly and happy to share information.  We have purchased both rams and ewes from Wattle Farm and have found the sheep to have adjusted to and done well in our cooler climate. 
In the establishment of our own stud, we have found Jeff’s ongoing advice, guidance and support invaluable.  We have found Jeff to be happy to share information at any time on a range of subjects including the assessment of desirable Border Leicester attributes, various bloodlines to consider and the practicalities of artificial insemination.
We feel fortunate to have met Jeff Sutton and have been happy with the quality of sheep we have purchased from Wattle Farm.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with Wattle Farm in the future.

Adam and Rebecca Bradley, Kain Border Leicester Stud, Braidwood.