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2023_WATTLE_FARM_SALE_CATALOGUE.PNG12th Annual Production Sale, Friday 29th September 2023 1.00 pm

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2021 Annual Sale

2021%20JEFF%20SUTTON%2C%20EMMA%20AND%20ZANE%20RYAN%2C%20DUNEDOO%2C%20TOP%20PRICED%20STUD%20RAM%20%246000.JPGJeff Sutton, Wattle Farm Border Leicester stud, Temora, with Emma and Zane Ryan, Dunedoo, and the top priced stud ram at $6000. Photo: Jeff Sutton Jeff Sutton, Wattle Farm Border Leicester stud, Temora, with Emma and Zane Ryan, Dunedoo, and the top priced stud ram at $6000. Photo: Jeff Sutton

Wattle Farm Border Leicester rams sold to $6000, stud ewes topped at $2000

The Land - Stephen Burns 28 Sep 2021, 4 p.m.

"It couldn't get any better," was how Jeff Sutton described the 10th annual production sale for his Wattle Farm Border Leicester stud, Temora. An increase in the average prices paid across all three categories of stud Border Leicester's and there was also a complete clearance of the 11 stud rams, 80 flock rams and 32 stud ewes penned.

Top priced stud ram was $6000, while the average price paid was $4000 (up from $2706 last year) and bought by longterm clients, Zane and Emma Ryan, Dunedoo. The upstanding ram, was described by Mr Sutton as an 'outstanding sire prospect.' In the flock ram offering, top price at $5500 was paid by repeat clients David and Jenny Thompson, Illabo, who selected a draft of 11 rams for average price of $4090.

The average price for the 80 flock rams was $3817, up from $1472 last year. In the offering of stud ewes, top price at $2000 was paid by Darren and Ronan Crain, Wagga Wagga, who also purchased at the top end of the flock ram offering. The new clients at Wattle Farm purchased four stud ewes for an average price of $1500, along with five flock rams for an average price of $4100.

Volume buyers included Jack Medway, Gunning, who bought a stud ram for $4500, along with ten stud ewes to a top of $1400 and average price of $1040. With first-cross ewes selling for $500 in recent auctions, studmaster Jeff Sutton said it was an 'outstanding sale, and helped by the recent returns for first-cross ewes'.

"The demand for quality Border Leicester rams was evident and the sheep were in good order," he said. "We were very well supported by repeat buyers and new clients who were interested in our genetics."

The sale was settled by SBBL, Narromine, along with Nutrien, Wagga Wagga, with Jason Hartin (SBBL) and Tim Woodham (Nutrien) sharing the rostrum.


2020 Annual Sale

2021%20ELIZABETH%20AND%20CHRISTINE%20SUTTON%2C%20WATTLE%20FARM%20WITH%20THE%20TOP%20PRICED%20STUD%20RAM%20OF%20THE%20SALE%2C%20PURCHASED%20BY%20TALKOOK%20BORDER%20LEICESTERS%2C%20CROOKWELL%20FOR%20%244500.JPG2021 Elizabeth and Christine Sutton, Wattle Farm with the top priced stud ram of the sale, purchased by Talkook Border Leicesters, Crookwell for $4500

Wattle Farm Border Leicester stud rams average $2706

The Land -

Olivia Calver 29 Sep 2020, 4:02 p.m.

Wattle Farm, Temora sold 137 Border Leicesters at their 9th annual production sale on Friday, with demand strong across all three categories of sheep. Six of the seven stud rams offered sold to a top price of $4500 and average of $2706, while all 31 of the stud ewes cleared for a top price of $800 and average of $677.

Volume buyers fought hard for the flock rams, with 100 out of 105 selling for a top of $2400 and average of $1472. The top priced stud ram sold to Talkook Border Leicester Stud, Crookwell. A replacement ram, Mr Sutton said he was a son of a Coolawang sire and was a very bold ram with tremendous sire appeal and a true to type border.

His purchaser Scott Anderson, Talkook said they had chased the rams for his bloodlines, which go back to the Oaks. "That's what we had in our stud 30 years ago, and we're now trying to go back to use the same bloodlines which we started with," Mr Anderson said. Mr Anderson said their stud aimed to retain good quality wool and that's what these bloodlines would help them achieve.

Another top sale was a stud ram bought for $3500 by the Fletcher family, Dry Plain. He was a twin by Bindaree 1030 with a Borders Index of $106.8.

The top priced stud ewe was purchased by CR Morgan, MacArthur, Vic for $800. The ewe was a triplet, sired by Glenlee Park 11 and out of Wattle Farm Supreme 213.

The volume buyer in the flock rams was CF and DT Millynn, Eugowra who purchased 25 rams for an average of $1320. Mr Sutton said there were also volume buyers from Illabo, Cooma and Burcher, while interstate bidders competed from Tasmania and Victoria. "There's such high demand at the moment for good quality sheep, I think that will continue all through the selling season," Mr Sutton said.

The sale was conducted by Nutrien Wagga and Schute Bell Badgery Lumby with Tim Woodham (Nutrien) and Jason Hartin (Schute Bell) as auctioneers.


2019 Annual Sale


The top priced ram with Christine Sutton, Wattle Farm, Temora, purchasers Patrick Anderson of Kings Veldt Border Leicesters and Kasey Shields of Santa Vale and Jeff Sutton, Wattle Farm.

Victorians chase Wattle Farm genetics

Demand for Border Leicester ewes was fierce at Wattle Farms' 8th Annual on-property sale on Friday.

The Sutton family's stud sold all 21 ewes offered for a top of $650 and an average of $476.

The top priced stud ram sold for $3500 to young Victorian stud owners, Patrick Anderson of Kings Veldt Border Leicesters and Kasey Shields of Santana Vale stud.

It was one of three stud rams sold of seven offered with stud principal Jeff Sutton, deciding to pass in a couple of his top ribbon winners.

Flock rams topped at $2000 and averaged $1122 with 36 sold at auction of the 80 on offer.

Mr Sutton said the ewe portion of the sale in particular was tremendous.

"Not just what they made but we had a number of people here who had never bought ewes before and some of them were interstate buyers," Mr Sutton said.

"I'm really pleased for the family, how much hard work we put in and how much encouragement we've had in these hard times to continue."

The volume buyer was longtime client, James Baker of Springhurst Victoria, who took home 12 of the 21 ewes offered for an average of $454.

Mr Baker said he had been coming to their sales for the best part of seven years and liked the Sutton's Border Leicesters for their longevity.

He said he planned to join the ewes with White Suffolks to build up his first-cross flock.

The top price for a ewe was $650 paid by Mount Pleasant Pastoral Company, Crookwell for one of four ewes thay bought on the day.

The ewe had a birth weight of 0.3, post-weaning weight of 6.7, PFAT of -0.1, I muscle depth of 0.5 and Borders dollar index of 114.8.

Mr Sutton said the ewe was sired by the Coolawang Victory, an Adelaide champion that he bought in 2016 from the South Australian start.

He said the top prize ram was also by Victory.

"The top prize ram is a tremendous outstanding sire, good bone, head, great great back end, a really quality animal," Mr Sutton said.

"I'm really pleased with him and I'm really pleased for the young people that bought him, that came all the way from Gippsland, Victoria."

The ram had a post-weaning weight of 4.3, Pfat of 0.2, eye muscle depth of 0.1 and Borders dollar index of 107.6.

Purchasers, Kasey Shields and Patrick Anderson of Athlone, Vic, said they had spotted the ram at the Australian National Sheep and Wool Show at Bendigo.

"He's really sound, has a really good confirmation and a really nice head on him," Ms Shields said.

"That's something we're trying to introduce to our flocks to really start us up right and hopefully help us out in the show ring."

"He will definitely be shown at some of our local shows. Border Leicesters aren't a bit breed in Gippsland so will be good to introduce the breed into the shows and encourage more youth to get involved."

Mr Anderson, who started his stud earlier this year, said they were aiming to breed large framed, square ewes.

"Where we are at is a bit hilly so they've got to have good feet and legs and be able to produce," Mr Anderson said.

It was their first time buying from Wattle Farm, Ms Shields also purchasing two ewes at the sale.

A second stud ram sold for $3000 to Sunsbury Border Leicesters of Crookwell.

The ram had a BWT of 0.2, PWWT of 4.8, PFAT of -0.2, EMD of 0.3 and border dollar index of 110.5.

Flock ram buyers included Greg Maroney, Wangaratta, Roger Walters and RB and H Sheridan.

The sale was conducted by Schute Bell and Landmark Wagga with Jason Hartin and Tim Woodham taking turns with the gavel.


2018 Annual Sale


Brett Douglas, SBBL, Orange with the top priced ram purchased by Tony and Julie Mutton, Tarcutta.They also purcahsed a second stud ram at $1,900.

Wattle Farm rams sell to $4000 top

With first-cross ewe prices breaking the $300 barrier and heavy second-cross lambs also sneaking north of the magical $300 figure, it was not surprising demand for quality Border Leicester rams at Wattle Farm, Temora was consistent despite the prolonged dry season.

Stud principal Jeff Sutton was very happy to see a top price paid for a stud ram of $4,000 and to see the selection of 22 ewes sell to $500, although he did admit the sale was 'tough enough'.

“We are obviously delighted, but given the season we did have realistic expectations,” Mr Sutton said at the conclusion of the sale.

“We had many long-term supporters buy rams, perhaps not their usual large drafts but still they bought enough to keep going with their lamb enterprise.”

Sale results: Stud rams - 6/7 sold to $4,000 and averaged $2,316 Flock rams - 64/73 sold to $2,300 and averaged $1,138 Stud ewes - 23/23 sold to $500 and averaged $383. The top priced ram, a son of Wattle Farm Supreme, one of the leading sires in the stud was purchased by return clients Tony and Julie Mutton, Tarcutta and will be joined to Merino ewes purchased from Bombala.

In their mixed-farming operation, they then join the first-cross ewes to Poll Dorset rams as terminal sires.

“We have been following the genetic direction of Wattle Farm for a longtime,” Mr Mutton said.

“The ram has a tremendous body, stands well and with a great outlook … I also liked the style of his wool.”

Mr Sutton said the top priced ram exhibited all the breed characteristics he is aiming for.

“I liked the ram, he is meeting our genetic expectations, with his length of body and sirey head, he has great appeal,” he said.

Volume buyers of flock rams included Hanlon Enterprises, Wagga Wagga who purchased 28 for $960 average price: Damien Troth, Forbes who took home eight for $1,125 average price and Dan Gardiner, Foxhow who selected five rams for $1,000 average.

The Maclure Family Trust, Tarcutta added to their sire battery with four rams at $1,725 average price and K.E and J.B Weckert, Temora paid average price of $1,225 for their choice of four rams.

Among the stud ewe purchaser's Valerie Lilley, Goornong, Victoria bought nine for average price of $322; Mason Galpin, Penola, SA added to his stud with a draft of six ewes to $500 and average of $433 and Tony and Julie Mutton, Tarcutta took home four at $400 apiece. The auction was conduced by Schute Bell and Landmark, with Jason Hartin and Tim Woodham sharing the rostrum duties.

Stephen Burns (The Land)


2017 Sale report

Keedi and Jason Hartin, Schute Bell, Narromine, bought both top rams at $3000 and $2500, with Jeff Sutton, Wattle Farm Border Leicester stud, Temora.

Wattle Farm rams sell to a $3000 top

Border Leicester rams sold to $3000 at the Sutton family's annual Wattle Farm border Leicester Ram and Ewe sale at Temora last Friday.

In total all 21 stud ewes topped at $500 to average $395, while five of seven stud rams topped at $3000 to average $2100 and 81 flock Rams topped at $1800 and averaged $1180.

The top Rams were brought by LA Barber Trust, "Gilgi", Narromine, who look to breed top end first cross ewes for the Narromine's first cross ewe sale each year.

Valerie Lilley, Goorong, led the charge in the ewe sale buying 12 use averaging $358, while TDC Penola, Penola, South Australia, paid to $500 for five averaging $460.

Flock Ram Byers hit their straps early buying several of the stud rams cheap, including Clemson partners, "Lilydale", Burcher, who averaged six rams at $1550, as did Woodstock Prime Lamb, "Woodstock", Junee, who loaded six at $1470, paying to $1600.

Volume buyers on the day were Brett and Mick Goodon, Goodon Ag, "Hillcrest", Lockhart, who snapped up 10 rams for $1200 apiece, to join to 450 poll Marino ewes to breed some first cross ewes.

Mick Gordon said they were looking for big frame rams with big bodies to build some good growthy first cross ewes to breed from.

DL and H Troth, "Glengariff", Caragabal, paid $2000 for a stud ram and then added a further two flock rams or $1300 each, while ADE and M Sargent, "Rosewood", Boorowa, topped the flock ram draft at $1800 to 5 averaging $1580 and C and DT Millan, Grenfell bought four at $1200.

Other strong bidders on the day included KE and JB Weckert, "Glyburn", Temora, paid a $1350 average of four rams, KE and TP Robinson, Taralga, loaded four at $1025, while the estate of RC, NC, CP and JA Float, Woodside, Victoria, purchased five at $1220 and Eubindai Agriculture, "Eubindai", Binalong, secured 5 at $1000 to round the sale out.

The sale was conducted by Landmark and Schute Bell, with Tim would ham and Jason Hartin as the representative auctioneers.

Brett Tindall


2016 Annual Sale

Border Leicester Rams and Ewes /edit/Images/DSCF2867.JPGfor sale


Clients purchasing Wattle Farm Border Leicester rams, ewes and first cross ewes can do so with confidence knowing that they are securing quality sheep in a protected environment.

At Wattle Farm Borders, we undertake to guarantee the following:

2016 Sale

Wattle Farm success rewarded

Significant success at the major sheep shows of Sydney, Dubbo, Bendigo and Melbourne was an important link to a very good result at the Wattle Farm Border Leicester 2016 sale at Temora.

Jeff and Diane Sutton and family penned a high quality offering of seven stud rams, 21 stud ewes and 71 flock rams that was appreciated by the gallery that included 30 serious repeat and new bidders.

It certainly wasn't easy though as the atrocious weather with flooded and closed roads really threw up a big challenge for prospective buyers to get to the sale, and for the Sutton family to be able to present their stock in good order.

The fact that they achieved that standard, combined with everyone in attendance being there with determined intent ensured a good result.

At the completion of the sale catalogue, in a 98% clearance all bar one stud ewe and one stud ram had sold, plus an extra nine flock rams in reserve were also put through the ring and cleared.

Through the flock ram section this was a 7% lift in average price and a 30% lift in rams sold from last year's result. Post sale a further 17 flock rams cleared privately to cap off a wet, but very successful day for the Sutton family.

The seven stud rams were in top order and met good competition. The only one passed was under stud reserve, so will go back into the successful Wattle Farm breeding program. Repeat clients Tony and Julie Mutton and family, Tarcutta, NSW and operating through Landmark Wagga's David Coleman paid the $3250 top price for WF150225, sired by Coolawang 120037, the 2013 Adelaide champion ram. Backed up by a Lambplan Border$ index of 138, this ram impressed many at pre-sale inspections.

We particularly liked the ram's conformation, wool staple length and its strength of pedigree, Tony Mutton said.

The six stud rams to clear averaged $2437.50, down 8% on last year's average, but more significantly, four more were sold to ram breeding flocks.

The 21 stud ewes saw 20 clear to a top of $600, achieved three times, and average $445, up 7% on last year. Two loyal and long term supporters and buying accounts dominated the ewe buying. James Baker, JD Baker & Co, Wangaratta and buying though Landmark Wangaratta's Hayden Rogers, purchased eight to the $600 top and at a $406 average. He regularly purchases Wattle Farm stock.

Jim and Elizabeth Fletcher, Dry Plains in the Snowy Mountains of NSW also paid the $600 top twice and averaged $481 in also purchasing eight stud ewes for their 'Fletchers' stud flock. They have been purchasing from Wattle Farm for the past five years.

It was another long term Wattle Farm buying account that was the most prominent in the very even flock ram offering. Robert and Barry Clemson, Burcher, NSW purchased 14 rams, paying to $1800 and averaging $1414.They have strongly supported Wattle Farm from days well before the Sutton family held an annual sale, this year being their fifth such sale.

While loyal repeat clients dominated the top buyers' list in the three sale sections, new buyers this year added an extra level of competition. One of these was Craig Millynn from Grenfell. He wasn't prepared to play 'second fiddle' and successfully bid to the flock ram high of $1900 in securing four top rams at a $1350 average. Including the extra nine rams, in total 80 flock rams averaged $1255, up $85 on last year with 18 more selling.

Stud principal Jeff Sutton said post sale, It was great to see the sale supported by so many long standing clients, plus the most welcome new ones. It has been very difficult to get flock rams up with the cold wet weather over the last four months, and it is particularly challenging today; so the level of support and clearance was very humbling. It was certainly the best sale result we have ever had.

Sale Summary

6 of 7 stud rams sold to $3250 and averaged $2437.50

20 of 21 stud ewes sold to $600 (x3) and averaged $445

80 of 80 flock rams sold to $1900 and averaged $1255

Agents: Landmark and Shute Bell
Auctioneers: Peter Godbolt (Landmark) and Jason Hartin (Shute Bell)


2015 Annual Sale



2015_WATTLE_FARM_SYDNEY_201592.JPG IMG_3031.JPG IMG_3030.JPG IMG_3021.JPG IMG_3027.JPG

2015_WATTLE_FARM_SYDNEY_2015108.JPG /edit/Images/DSCF2868.JPG /edit/Images/DSCF2872.JPG /edit/Images/DSCF2873.JPG